MAPIC Academy Challenge

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your retail concept to the next level!

The Finalists of MAPIC Academy 2023


Greener is the world's first sustainable clothing brand whose clothes purify the air. Our garments eliminate greenhouse gases, viruses and bacteria.


Superstack is the future of the piercing industry, transforming the stigmatized and standardised business into a digital, modern and medically safe space specifically for Generation Z.


t7berlin - Sustainable 3D Knitwear - where sustainability becomes a statement in style, innovation, and conscious retailing. Crafting in zero waste manufacturing, the company utilizes 3D technology and employs only natural and biodegradable yarn (completely plastic-free).

The world of onyo

The World of Onyo is a new leisure concept aiming to reconnect people to nature, thought screenless immersive experience.

W.O.P - World of pop

W.O.P World Of Pop, is a concept store that goes beyond the children's and adult lines, committed to creating a fun and affordable fashion brand for cool families!