MAPIC Academy Challenge

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your retail concept to the next level!

Challenge Phases


1. Application Phase

Deadline: May 15th - July 31st
Register on the platform and answer the participation form!
From this, 5 companies will have the chance to be selected by our Jury for our Mentoring & coaching Day in Paris and the grand finale!

2. Mentoring & coaching day

September 26th in Paris
Congratulations to the 5 selected companies! You're invited to our exclusive one-day coaching and training meetup in Paris. Join our network of experts for a range of essential learning modules designed specifically to help your business grow.

First up, we have Direct Development, where you'll learn about scouting locations and consulting, as well as competitive benchmarking to help you stay ahead of the game. Next, Franchise Development will cover analysis and definition of fundamentals, competitive benchmarking, and searching for candidates to help take your business to the next level.

After that, it's time to Challenge Your business plan and finance the growth. This module will provide you with valuable insights into how to develop a solid business plan and secure financing to fund your growth.

Finally, our Legal Guidelines & Commercial Lease module will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate legal requirements and commercial leases.

3. Final Event

From November 26th to November 28th, 2024 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France.
Are you ready for the final event? The "MAPIC Academy 2024" promotion is the perfect opportunity for your company to shine! As a finalist, you will benefit from a free business desk in MAPIC Retail Village and full visibility on MAPIC communication tools.

On November 27th: 
You will pitch your concept to a Jury of real estate companies, as part of the conference programme, in front of a public audience eager to discover the next big thing. But that's not all!
The Awards Gala will reveal the winner of the "MAPIC Academy 2024" promotion, chosen by the Jury following the pitching session and discussed in the meantime.
Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your ideas and network with industry experts in one of the most iconic venues in Cannes!