MAPIC Academy Challenge

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your retail concept to the next level!

Welcome to the MAPIC Academy Challenge

MAPIC Academy Challenge is the opportunity for young retail companies established within the last five years and willing to launch a new physical retail concept, to gain financial and expert support to develop their ideas and concepts.
As a participant, you'll have the opportunity to access a network of experts and showcase your ideas at MAPIC 2024. The preferred solution will receive up to €10,000 in funding and a chance to operate a free pop-up store in partnership with Nhood and Ingka Centres.

Participate in the MAPIC Academy Challenge and take your business to the next level!

Choose from 5 categories

New retail brand

Companies willing to launch and operate new retail concept in physical spaces (clothing, people services, DIY, wellness, health&beauty….)


Online retailer

Companies with prior online retail experience, looking to expand into physical retail.


Sustainable & socially conscious new retail brand

Companies prioritizing social responsibility and sustainability and willing to open a physical store.

New leisure concept

Companies willing to launch and operate new leisure concept (entertainment, culture, sport, AR/VR, immersive experience…) in physical spaces.

New food & Beverage concept

Companies willing to launch and operate new restaurant concept in physical spaces.


For the winner of the challenge:
Up to €10,000 offered by MAPIC to participate in their development.

For the winner of the challenge:
The opportunity to operate a free pop-up store inside one of the property assets owned by Nhood and Ingka Centres.

For the 5 finalist companies:
  • A desk in the Retail Village with 2 VIP entrances to the show, (including accommodation) in Cannes.
  • On-site display, online promotion through MAPIC communication channels to the retail real estate community: email, website announcement, social media, PR...

For the 5 finalist companies:
A mentoring & coaching day in Paris with training modules on direct and franchise development, business plan challenges, legal guidelines & commercial lease.
This opportunity will provide valuable insights from industry experts to help the finalists grow their businesses!


Application Phase
May 15th - July 31st
Register now and send your application file!
Mentoring & coaching day
September 26th in Paris
As one of the 5 selected companies, you will attend a one-day meet-up with our network of experts to walk you through some learning modules. This will be followed by mentoring over the next few months to help you implement the new knowledge and insights gained during the meet-up. 
Final Event
From November 26th to November 28th
Pitch your concept to a Jury of Nhood and Ingka Centres board members! This session will be part of the MAPIC conference program and will be open to the public who can assist to the pitch.
The winner of the Mapic Academy challenge will be announced during the MAPIC Awards Gala on November 27th.

Final Event

From November 26th to November 28th
Join us at MAPIC (International Retail Property Market), the annual international event for commercial real estate professionals at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France.
Day 2: 
  • Pitch your concept to a Jury of Nhood and Ingka Centres members and compete to win the "MAPIC Academy 2024" promotion.
  • The Awards Gala will take place and the winner will be announced.

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your ideas and network with industry experts in one of the most iconic venues in Cannes!
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